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Monday, October 16, 2017

وظائف Palm Hills

Senior Tax Accountant

Job Description

- Review the calculation of the income tax for the group companies as at the form No.28. 
- Review the calculation of the withholding tax on quarterly basis accrued from suppliers and services renders as article 59 of law 91 -2005 and its amendments as at the form No.41. 
- Review the calculation of the withholding tax for non-resident on monthly basis as article 56 of law 91 -2005 and its amendments as at the form No.11. 
- Review the calculation of the stamp tax on monthly basis as law 111 -1980 and its amendments. 
- Insure from the payments of all kinds of taxes in the deadlines and as per its legal forms to avoid any penalties or fines. 
- Review all breakdowns and analysis which are required for tax authority investigation. 
- Prepare the tax file for the tax investigation and its supporting documents. 
- Prepare and deliver documentation file in case of any dispute with the tax authority through committees appeal or the courts.


• Advanced PC skills, specifically Microsoft Windows Applications (Word, Excel, Outlook & PowerPoint). 
•Ability to manage sensitive and confidential information. 
•Self-motivated and able to take responsibility. 
•Resilience to cope with dynamic demands, able to prioritize duties and work effectively under pressure while remaining calm and professional at all times. 
•Ability to demonstrate initiative and proactive approach to daily tasks. 
•Good interpersonal skills and able to work independently and as part of an effective team. 
•Fully aware of all tax laws.


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