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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Job code: d1


C# developer with 1 year solid experience

Or new graduated from CS or engineering background with grad good at least



Job code: d2

PHP developer required

Graduated from CS or engineering background , with grad good

Good experience to use Net bean to work with PHP codes And CSS

Prefaded with experience in web application development




Job code : T1

Technical support job with the following qualifications and skills

1.       Technical qualification

2.       With troubleshooting skills for windows desktop and windows server 2008 – 2012

3.       with good mentality

4.       network troubleshooting skills

5.       With good skills using Microsoft office

6.       Has the ability to work in different sites, and follow up and fill work document.


Ramatan Technology

Eng/Ali Elbarbary



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