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Thursday, December 7, 2017

وظائف شركة NEWGIZA مطلوب مسئول تحصيل

Review the defaulters account records to determine which customers must be contacted for collection of overdue accounts. 
Organize the collection workload according to degree and amounts of default and assign accounts to workers for collection.
Placing direct phone calls and Emails to customers that are past due.
Prepare a monthly report for the defaulters. 
Work closely with departments (Sales, Legal, Business Development & Sales Operations and Client Technical Support). 
Proficiency with Microsoft Office for Windows (Outlook, Word, and Excel) is required. 
Use the Focus system into Oracle forms. 
This position requires excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to adjust and interact with all levels of personnel. 
Supervisory responsibilities on special projects concerning Collections. Commitment to excellent customer service. 
Strong attention to detail, goal oriented. 
Handling complaints. 
- 2-4 years of experience in same field. 
If interested kindly send us your resume to
mentioning the job vacancy in the subject


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