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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

وظائف شنايدر الكتريك Schneider Electric

 Social Media Specialist

 Main Responsibilities
  • A-Z customer relations responsible for all customer support answering all inquiries with a response time of 20 - 30 minutes. He/she will also be able to take the conversation offline with the cooperation of Customer Care Center CCC and contact the customer directly to resolve any issues directly. He/she will be trained on a number of CRM platforms in order to accurately communicate or escalate each and every inquiry incoming from the brand's numerous social media channels.
  • Engagement actively engage/converse with existing or new potential customers.
  • Support Digital Marketing Expert by managing the digital content and offer information on social media, such as content, videos, and brochures – to tell the whole story and deliver an integrated experience.
  • Seeding monitor and select relevant or trending conversations online, and seed the brand into the discussion.
  • Reporting & helping develop internal processes.
  • Develop monthly reports on business leads, customer satisfaction, engagement rates, response time, escalation issues, etc.
  • Work with local Customer Care, Offer Managers and HR in responding to posts on social media sites.
  • Manage/monitor local share-of-voice about products, competition, and industry trends.
  • Cultivate the local social media community (followers, likes, retweets, etc.).
  • Manage local editorial calendars for posting content to local social media sites.
  • Deliver social media feedback to their parent global businesses about products/services/solutions.
  • Liaise with external agencies to ensure that their work meets the organizations' requirements, deadlines, and budget.
  • BA/BS in Marketing or equivalent degree with 2-3 years' experience of marketing, sales and/or online sales development experience, Electrical Engineering background is preferred.
  • Outgoing personality, sociable, articulate, positive, talkative and eager to converse with our fan base and customers.
  • Social media experience, experience with the following social media channels is a must Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Writing skills, excellent use of language matched with proper customer relation.
  • Languages we are looking for individuals that are able to speak, read and write of both Arabic & English in an very good manner.
  • Good understanding of comprehensive Social Media tools & tactics such as Publishing, Listening, Reporting, Advertising.


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