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Friday, April 27, 2018

اشترك ليصلك نشرة الوظائف بالايميل

Link to اشترك الان لمتابعة احدث الوظائف

وظاف شركة هنداوي للنشر Hindawi Publishing

Posted: 27 Apr 2018 01:29 AM PDT

 وظاف شركة هنداوي للنشر Hindawi Publishing 

Hindawi Publishing Corporation is now hiring "Senior Business Analyst" to be responsible for analyzing business requirements, converting them into business solutions, and communicating them clearly with stakeholders, development teams and partners to fulfill business needs.


- Education: Bachelor degree in any field, preferably Computer Science
- Previous Experience: 3 to 5 years of experience in a similar field
- English Proficiency: Excellent command of English "speaking and writing; including technical and business writing"
- Other Skills:
• Project Management Skills
• Presentation skills
• Ability to support users, analyze requirements, and develop solutions in a very dynamic business environment
• Ability to manage & deal with different individuals from different backgrounds

Qualified candidates are welcomed to send their resumes to "jobs@hindawi.com". Please write in the subject field (FB-Senior Business Analyst).

وظائف شركة النعيم القابضة NAEEM Holding

Posted: 27 Apr 2018 01:26 AM PDT

 وظائف شركة النعيم القابضة NAEEM Holding

NAEEM Brokerage one of NAEEM Holding subsidiaries is currently seeking to hire "Investment Specialist - Sales".
Job location: Smart Village, 6th of October.
- Bachelor degree in Economics, Finance, Commerce.
- 1-2 Years of experience.
- Previous experience in Banks or Insurance.

If you're interested you can send you updated CV to meryhan.radwan@naeemholding.com mentioning the job title in the subject line.

البرنامج التدريبي الصيفي لشركة سيمنس Siemens لطلبة الهندسة و ادارة الاعمال و التجارة

Posted: 27 Apr 2018 01:22 AM PDT

البرنامج التدريبي الصيفي لشركة سيمنس Siemens  لطلبة الهندسة و ادارة الاعمال و التجارة

تم فتح التقديم لتدريب لشركة #Siemens الصيفى

التدريب متاح لطلبه تالته ورابعه فى التخصصات :
1- هندسه كهربائيه
2 - هندسه الالكترونيات
3- هندسه الاتصالات
4- هندسه الميكاترونكس
5- هندسه الميكانيكا
5- اداره الاعمال
6- علوم الحاسب
7- تجاره

الشروط المطلوبه :
1- تدريب سابق فى شركات دوليه
2- لغة انجليزيه ممتازه
3- مهارات التواصل + العمل الجماعى
4- التطوع فى انشطه مختلفه ( طلابيه وغيرها )
5- طلبه تالته ورابعه لجميع التخصصات فقط ..
6- حديث التخرج لتخصصات هندسه

خطوات التقديم
1- تسجيل اكونت جديد على موقع Siemens من هنا :

2- هتدوس على APPLY من هنا وتبدا فى الخطوات المطلوبه

وظائف مجموعة شركات مارسيليا Marseilia Group مطلوب اداريين

Posted: 27 Apr 2018 01:12 AM PDT

 وظائف مجموعة شركات مارسيليا Marseilia Group مطلوب اداريين

Marseilia group is hiring:
Location: #Heliopolis
* Bachelor degree
* 1-3 years of experience in Administrative role
* Presentable and Hardwoking with excellent communication skills

Send your CV (including a recent photo) at: Careers@marseiliagp.com , including (Admin) in the subject line

وظائف شركة e-finance بالقرية الذكية

Posted: 27 Apr 2018 01:07 AM PDT

 وظائف شركة e-finance  بالقرية الذكية

Storage & Backup Administrator
Create and provide reports for backup and storage environments and related activities and tasks.
Create and update documentation for storage and backup environments.
Work with customers on projects in order to create supportable solutions that meet both the customer and efinance requirements.
Research and identify industry trends in the storage and backup space, leveraging new ideas to improve the service design and support for the customer.
Work with customers or efinance's professional services team to accept any new implementations into the management life cycle.
Participates in on-call rotation when needed.

  • Job Requirements  
  • 2+ years' experience in storage and backup related jobs Education
    Graduate degree in computer science is preferred.
    Valid product certifications in technologies listed below would be a major asset.
    Technologies / Knowledge
    knowledge on backup software technologies. TSM, Commvault or Netbackup are preferred.
    knowledge on storage hardware technologies; IBM, EMC or HP are preferred.
    knowledge of SAN fabric technologies. Brocade or Cisco MDS are preferred.
    knowledge of iSCSI and Fiber Channel infrastructure.
    knowledge of overall backup and storage design and related issues.
    knowledge of disk or tape based backup hardware.

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